Installation of the solar panel

Good things take time! - The solar panel on top of of our kiosk has finally been installed

The final step towards the opening of our solar kiosk in Assam was successful. Even though India experienced heavy flooding during the last weeks, our partner Oozaru, still managed to install the solar panels on our kiosk. Everything has been wired by a professionel electricial and it’s already possible to charge several lamps an run a fan in the kiosk. There will be several more fine adjustments in the system to be able to use the  whole capacity of the panels and the battery. After that it is only a small step towards the final opening of the SonaLight kiosk!

As you can see in the pictures below, it was also possible for Oozaru to get the kiosk already painted in shining colors. All the technical and interior equipment has been set up as well. After many delays due to Covid and the heavy floodings, we are really happy to finally deliver some good news!