at brightbyte, we work towards


What if you didn't have access to digital education?

The provision of digital education in India is very unequal between urban and rural regions. We want to tackle this problem and counteract this imbalance.

Our vision

Digital education empowers people to shape their future.


  • children in rural areas in India have no access to digital education 
  • crucial skill for future employment missing
  • most educational facilities are located in cities – getting there is expensive and dangerous


  • solar powered hub equipped with IT devices
  • regular classes at our local solar hub 
  • sustainable solar power
  • safe electricity source
  • affordable, reliable and safe


  • off-grid power and education for everyone
  • from students for students
  • independent solar hub network
  • kiosk as a social hub

What we offer

The solar hub, developed by brightbyte features a PV-system on the roof and a modular design.

We believe that by bringing reliable green energy and digital education into rural areas will enable greater job opportunities for the people and shape a brighter future.

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