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We have huge news! Our first kiosk in Assam, India is finally open! Find further updates in our post about the opening ceremony. If you want to contribute to the success, we would appreciate your support.

What if you couldn't just tap the light switch?

All it takes is a tap on the light switch and the light comes on. What has long been normal in the Western world is a long way off for the people in the rural areas in India.

Due to the lack of electricity, the villagers are forced to resort to harmful kerosene lamps, which are not only a health concern but also come with great risks of fire. SonaLight offers a safe, sustainable and reliable alternative by providing rechargeable LED lamps and a unique solar-kiosk model, which empowers local entrepreneurs.

Our vision

in a nutshell

Light empowers people to shape their future.


  • 3 billion people worldwide without reliable access to modern light
  • use kerosene lamps instead
  • major health concern
  • hazardous for the villages and the environment


  • rechargeable LED-lamps
  • off-grid charging at the SonaLight kiosk
  • sustainable solar power
  • affordable, reliable and safe


  • independent solar-kiosk network
  • local entrepreneurs
  • kiosk as a social hub
  • off-grid power and light for everyone

What we offer

The lamp itself is a bright LED-light, powerful enough to light rooms in a pleasant warm white tone

The solar-kiosk features a PV-system on the roof and a modular design

We believe that bringing light into rural India will enable greater education opportunities for the people and shape a brighter future

Find out more about our vision and the impact we make!