at SonaLight, we work towards


What if you couldn't just tap the light switch?

All it takes is a tap on the light switch and the light comes on. What has long been normal in the Western world is a long way off for the people in the rural areas in off-grid locations.

In regions where electricity is scarce, communities often resort to unsustainable sources for lighting and charging, including generators. Unfortunately, these practices not only pose health risks but also increase the likelihood of hazardous fires. SonaLight steps in to address this challenge by offering a secure, eco-friendly, and reliable alternative. Through rechargeable LED lamps and an innovative solar kiosk model, we empower local entrepreneurs to provide sustainable solutions that significantly improve the quality of life.

Our vision

in a nutshell

Light empowers people to shape their future.


  • 3 billion people worldwide without reliable access to electricity and modern light
  • rely on fossil fuels
  • major health concern
  • hazardous for the environment


  • off-grid power at the SonaLight kiosk
  • sustainable solar power
  • affordable, reliable and safe
  • charging of lamps and other devices


  • independent solar-kiosk network
  • local entrepreneurs
  • kiosk as a social hub
  • off-grid power and light for everyone

What we offer

The solar-kiosk, developed by SonaLight features a PV-system on the roof and a modular design.

The SonaLight lamp itself is a bright LED-light, powerful enough to light rooms in a pleasant warm white tone.

We believe that bringing reliable green energy and lighting solutions into rural areas will enable greater education opportunities for the people and shape a brighter future.

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