The people who help us to provide a brighter future


As a nonprofit organization, SonaLight depends on good cooperation with partners and sponsors. Below you can find a list of partners who have supported us for many years, be it financially or in the area of consulting, and are so essential to the success of our project. If you are also interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Anchor Partners & Collaborations

As our cornerstone partners, these NGOs and projects are integral to our daily operations. They make impactful on-ground decisions and are pivotal to our endeavors.

Oozaru NGO
Lumding, India
Forikolo e.V.
Germany / Sierra Leone


These are the organizations and companies that bolster our mission, whether through financial aid, expert guidance, their network or mentorship.

Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Baden-Württemberg, Germany
ElektrizitätsWerke Schönau

Past Partnerships

We want to highlight these organizations that were crucial in our mission. We value and acknowledge their lasting impact on our project.

startsocial e.V. has been instrumental in our journey, offering invaluable mentoring and guidance, particularly in scaling our project and honing our project management skills.

Collaborating with the students from Enactus UBS (Universal Business Schoolin Mumbai) enriched our understanding of the local landscape in India, guiding us in refining the direction and impact of our project.

Elektriker ohne Grenzen e.V. provided pivotal support, assisting us insourcing alternative LED lamp solutions and enhancing our overall environmental footprint.