Our Workstreams


Our marketing team takes care of the public presentation of SonaLight. Raquel, Martin, Tom and Jana come up with our creative LinkedIn and Instagram posts, keep our website up to date and design our newsletter. They also focus on local marketing in India and Sierra Leone to introduce the idea of SonaLight to the local population and to convince them of the project’s benefits.


Even as a volunteer-driven non-profit initiative, sound financial management is crucial for SonaLight. Felix, Bill, Tessa, and Felix are well-acquainted with every facet of our financial blueprint. They manage a diverse range of responsibilities, from meticulous accounting to ensure every penny is accounted for, to proactive fundraising campaigns that fuel our projects. They engage actively with our current sponsors, while also scouting for potential new benefactors to support our cause. Their expertise ensures that we maintain fiscal responsibility while ambitiously pursuing our mission.


As a project operating abroad, it is extremely important for us to have reliable partners on the ground in India and Sierra Leone, who are available to us as local contacts, addressing essential queries and concerns. The partnermanagement team, led by Selina, Julian, Arun, Kishore, and Linda, continuously seeks collaborations with local NGOs and communities. They are our bridge, fostering relationships and ensuring that SonaLight’s mission resonates locally. Presently, they maintain active communication with the Forikolo team in Sierra Leone and uphold our longstanding relationships with established partners.

Technical Support

What capacity should the kiosk’s battery hold? Is the checkout system operational? Has the solar infrastructure been set up? These are just some of the challenges our technology team tackles. Armed with their profound knowledge from studies in mechanical engineering and mechatronics, Silvan, Lukas, Luis, and Kishore are the go-to experts for any technical inquiries. With their expertise, they’re hard to catch off guard.

Project Managers

Arun, Martin and Tom are currently the project managers of SonaLight. They coordinate our tasks, are contact persons for our local partners and new sponsors and guide us through our project meetings. As project managers, they all have an overview of the entire project and are available to us for all important questions. They also make sure that the fun at our project meetings is not neglected and that each of us enjoys being part of the SonaLight team.

Wanna hear more about us?

If you speak German or are willing to learn it, listen in on our project leaders Tessa and Silvan telling you everything you need to know about SonaLight on the „Weltverbesserer“ Podcast.