Shaping Equality

We provide a safe, reliable and sustainable solution to bring light into Indian villages

Why it was necessary to take action

Around 200 million people in India have poor or no access to a stable power supply. This already affects their everyday lives when it comes to simple household activities, right through to doing their schoolwork. Parents as well as their children thus suffer from the lack of electric light, but especially from the only alternative for them: kerosene lamps. 

Due to the open flame, there is a high safety risk – fires often occur. Not only is the sparse light from the lamps too dim for daily tasks, but the exhaust fumes emitted are also a major health hazard – eye and lung diseases are widespread. However, due to the lack of cost-effective alternatives, people in rural areas in India often have no other choice.

Who we are?

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Where we currently operate

Photo Pathar near Lumding in Assam, India

Why Photo Pathar was the right choice for our pilot

Our solar kiosk is being built in Photo Pathar, an Indian village near Lumding in the Assam region. The village has around 400 households and is the birthplace of the project co-founder, Samrat Bose. The site of the kiosk is centrally located in the village to ensure the best possible supply to the households.

Photo Pathar has no reliable power supply. Even during light storms, the power grid of the village and even large parts of the city of Lumding collapses. Even when power is restored to the town within the next day, the village is often left in darkness six out of seven days a week. Because of this, residents rely on kerosene lamps for daily living, but these are harmful to health and provide barely enough light to enable daily activities such as cooking or children’s studies in the evening.

Together with our partners from the Oozaru NGO we therefore decided to open the first kiosk in Photo Pathar.

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If you speak German or are willing to learn it, listen in on our project leaders Tessa and Silvan telling you everything you need to know about SonaLight on the „Weltverbesserer“ Podcast.