SonaLight in India

India holds a special place in the journey of SonaLight. It was here, back in 2016, that the seeds of our vision took root. After years of dedication, research, and collaboration, we opened our first solar kiosk in the Assam region in 2022. This step marked not just the realization of a goal, but the beginning of an impactful journey. While SonaLight has since built on the experiences and expanded to other regions like West Africa, our inception in India ensures it remains an intrinsic part of our DNA. Our commitment to the communities in Assam continues as we are constantly looking to improve and provide even more people with sustainable energy solutions.

Shaping Equality

We provide a safe, reliable and sustainable solution to bring light into remote villages

The SonaLight Story in India

Nearly 200 million people across India are living with the daily challenge of unstable or non-existent electricity, which significantly impacts every facet of their lives – from basic domestic chores to educational opportunities for children. In Assam, this issue is particularly acute, making the need for sustainable and reliable alternatives more pressing than ever.

Our solar kiosks present a practical, locally managed solution to this complex issue. By using solar energy, a locally abundant and renewable resource, we help communities in Assam transition away from the unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels. The rechargeable LED lamps provided through our kiosks offer more consistent lighting, contributing to safer environments and enabling everyday activities even after sunset. This initiative is a community-centered approach, working towards a more sustainable energy future in Assam, shaped and led by the people who live there.

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Where we currently operate

Photo Pathar near Lumding in Assam, India

Why Photo Pathar was the right choice for our pilot

Our solar kiosk was built in Photo Pathar, an Indian village near Lumding in the Assam region. The village has around 400 households and is the birthplace of the project co-founder, Samrat Bose. The site of the kiosk is centrally located in the village to ensure the best possible supply to the households.

Photo Pathar has no reliable power supply. Even during light storms, the power grid of the village and even large parts of the city of Lumding collapses. Even when power is restored to the town within the next day, the village is often left in darkness six out of seven days a week. Because of this, residents rely on kerosene lamps for daily living, but these are harmful to health and provide barely enough light to enable daily activities such as cooking or children’s studies in the evening.

Together with our partners from the Oozaru NGO we therefore decided to open the first kiosk in Photo Pathar.

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If you speak German or are willing to learn it, listen in on our project members Tessa and Silvan telling you everything you need to know about SonaLight on the „Weltverbesserer“ Podcast.