SonaLight in Sierra Leone

Following the opening of our solar kiosk in India, we at SonaLight remained determined to build on that experience and amplify our impact. It was always in our vision to extend our reach, with the aspiration of serving multiple regions. Our vision found a new direction in 2022 when we connected with Sierra Leone, thanks to the invaluable support of our partners, with whom we continue to collaborate until today. Our mission in West Africa is clear: open a solar kiosk in a convenient location, aiming to provide the local communities with sustainable lighting and other eco-conscious solutions. 

Together, we seek to brighten more corners of the world, one kiosk at a time.

Why Sierra Leone?

At first glance, expanding our operations from India to West Africa might seem like a leap. Different continents often mean different cultures, life situations, and unique challenges. So why Sierra Leone? Our journey to Sierra Leone began with an enlightening introduction through a German program dedicated to social projects in developing nations. It was Norbert Hoffmann, the founder of the German NGO Network Sierra Leone, who illuminated the specific needs and opportunities in the region for us. As we delved deeper into research and on-the-ground understanding, it became evident that Sierra Leone held immense potential for positive change through our sustainable solutions. This deeper exploration led us to start partnerships with two invaluable organisations in the region. Together, we believe we can make a tangible difference in Sierra Leone, adapting and tailoring our approach to the unique fabric of its communities.

Our Partners in Sierra Leone

Who is Forikolo?

Based in Leipzig, Germany, Forikolo e.V. is an active organization deeply involved in various developmental efforts within Sierra Leone. They’ve achieved significant milestones, including the construction of 20 schools, 9 bakeries, and 8 water fountains. Their initiatives also encompass environmentally conscious work such as tree planting and pioneering solar projects.

What characterises our partnership?

The dedicated work of Forikolo in Sierra Leone aligns seamlessly with our mission. Through the partnership we gain crucial insights into the realities of Sierra Leone, enabling us to tailor our efforts effectively. Their robust construction team, comprising skilled engineers and electricians, serves as a reliable on-site operational partner.

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Who is Bintumani?

Bintumani from Berlin, Germany is a driving force as the German-Sierra Leone Society, actively engaged in diverse projects across Sierra Leone. Their impactful work spans various sectors, with a pronounced focus on medical and renewable energy initiatives. With a comprehensive approach, they contribute significantly to healthcare improvement and sustainable energy solutions within the region. 

What characterises our partnership?

Norbert Hoffmann, the founder, played a key role in initiating our connection to Sierra Leone. His drive and insights motivated us to expand into the region and connect with Forikolo. Through this collaboration, we’ve gained essential insights into Sierra Leone’s dynamics, allowing us to align our efforts. 

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SonaLight in Sierra Leone

Our first kiosk in Makassa, Sierra Leone

What is the situation in Sierra Leone like?

In rural areas of Sierra Leone, access to reliable electricity remains a persistent challenge. While battery-powered devices like smartphones and lights are prevalent, the energy sources driving them often present environmental concerns. Many of these devices rely on charging through fossil fuel-based generators, exacerbating ecological issues. This dual dynamic of limited access to electricity and an unsustainable charging approach underpins the urgency of our mission to provide sustainable energy solutions, aligning with the needs and ecological aspirations of these communities.