Grand opening of the Sonalight kiosk

We have great news to announce - SonaLight's first solar kiosk has finally been opened!

After long years of planning, preparations and instensive project work, the day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. On 23rd of December 2022, our solar kiosk openend in Assam, India. In a big, traditional ceremony, the opening was celebrated and food and drinks were served to those present. Representatives from the press and politics and even villagers from different villages around Assam were on site to celebrate the day. The first 25 lamps have already been distributed to the villagers. Another milestone that we celebrated shortly after the kiosk opening.

We are very happy that this milestone has now been reached and are excited about the challenges that lie ahead!

Make sure to check out the photos taken during the opening ceremony to get a closer impression of the joy and happiness the people in Assam experienced!