Flooding in India

After heavy rainfall in recent weeks, the floods in India have devastated large parts of the region around our site Assam

We all remember the terrible pictures of the flood disaster in the German Ahr valley last year. Such terrible images are currently reaching us from our partner NGO in Assam, India. Destroyed infrastructure, destroyed crops and people who are happy to be alive, but whose entire livelihood has been snatched away. Floods are not uncommon in the state in north-eastern India, but this year they hit the country long before the usual monsoon season. We are in close contact with our local partners and provide support where we can.

Thanks to its slightly higher location, our kiosk was fortunately spared from the masses of water, but the village is cut off from the outside world.

Nevertheless, we hope to be able to complete the kiosk construction with the installation of the solar panels soon and give the people in the village a glimmer of hope in these difficult times.